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Air Duct Cleaning in Gainesville, FL

If you have a centralized air conditioner and/or furnace in your home, you depend on a series of ducts to carry the conditioned air (hot or cold) through the space. Air ducts are dependable and protected from damage since they’re usually hidden behind the walls or in spaces like your attic, but they can certainly get dusty in the course of doing their job. Mold and bacteria can also grow in them, especially when the Gainesville, FL air is humid during the summer.

The trained pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning provide air duct cleaning services throughout the area to prevent the indoor air quality issues that come from neglect. We serve homes throughout the Gainesville, FL and are dedicated to improving lives by improving homes! Call us today to schedule duct cleaning services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

Why Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Forced–air furnaces and centralized air conditioners are inexpensive and efficient means of keeping our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, they do contain a few drawbacks. Dust that builds up in them can be circulated through the whole home when you turn your heater or AC on, for example, and mold or bacteria can spread sickness every time you turn on the system.

Duct cleaning services from our team can take of all of that: quickly, effectively and with your home left in the same state we arrived in. That’s our promise for all ductwork cleaning services and why calling us for cleaning air ducts is always the right move! 

How Is Duct Cleaning Completed?

Duct cleaning needs to take place indirectly, since you can’t scrub the entire length of dust by hand. Instead, the vents are sealed, except for one, which is connected to a vacuum pump. A fan blown from the apex of the ducts helps suck all of the dust, mold and other debris out of the whole system: making them clean as a whistle in a comparatively short amount of time.

When that’s completed, the technician removes the seals and conducts a direct cleaning of the dust around all the vents. All of this is conducted with protective coverings to keep your home and furnishings from becoming dusty. When it’s done, the technicians remove all traces that they were ever there: leaving your home exactly as you left it.

What Are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

The immediate benefits of cleaning air ducts are obvious: less dirt and fewer germs will circulation through your home, allowing the air to feel fresher and keep your family healthier. That can pay benefits for your heating and air conditioning system too. Less dust means less friction on moving parts: improving efficiency and lowering the risk of a breakdown.

That’s why we recommend a duct cleaning every few years in your home, and can even set up a schedule for periodic ductwork cleaning in your home. It helps your home stay cleaner, your family avoid illness, and your HVAC system running as well as possible. Call our team today to set up a consultation: improving lives by improving homes!

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