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Duct Testing & Sealing in Gainesville, FL

Most homes in the Gainesville, FL area are cooled by central air conditioning systems, which rely on a series of ducts to carry cool air (and warm air from the heating system in the winter) to the various rooms in the house. That makes the ducts as important as the air conditioning itself, especially in the summer when you need your system to run without a hitch.

Duct testing and sealing services from the pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning can help pinpoint leaky ducts and similar problems that can cause a drag on your HVAC system’s efficiency. With our team on your side, you can be assured that the issue will be identified and corrected the right way. We believe in improving lives by improving homes, and we serve the entire Gainesville, FL area. Call us today to set up an appointment!

Pinpoint the Problem First With Duct Testing

Your ducts are usually located behind the walls, in the attic, or similar hard–to–find spots in your Gainesville, FL home. That makes it difficult to notice any problems like leaks or mold growth, and even if you do suspect them, pinpointing the exact location of the issue can be troublesome in the extreme.

Our team has the skills and experience it takes to find the exact location of the leaky ducts. Our methods of testing ducts ensure that we spot the source of the issues correctly the first time. That extends to things like mold and similar problems, ensuring that the information in hand is actionable and can be used quickly to fix it!

Your Trusted Choice for Duct Sealing and Repairs

Knowing how to test ducts is one thing. Once you pinpoint the location of a leaky duct, though, you need to know how to repair it the right way. Ideally, the problem is caused by something simple, like a broken seal or bolt between two pieces of ductwork. In other cases, the duct will need to be sealed with a specific material like duct mastic, or even require a fitted part to be put into place over a larger hole.

Whatever the situation, our team will find the right solution to your leaky ducts. Our dedication to total customer satisfaction means we’ll tailor our repair job to your unique circumstances, and won’t rest until the issue is fixed the right way.

Your Ducts Are as Important as Your HVAC System

Problems with your ducts are just as bad as problems with your HVAC system. Not only can they interfere with your ability to keep your home comfortable – forcing your HVAC system to work far harder than it should to do its job and raising your bills accordingly – but when things like dust and mold take hold, they can spread around your entire house in a very short about of time.

We believe in improving lives by improving homes, and testing ducts can play a vital part in that. If you suspect your ducts have a problem, call us today and we’ll help your home be as clean and efficient as it can be!

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