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Furnace Services in Gainesville, FL

Heating systems in the Gainesville, FL area are usually forced-air furnaces – either gas or electric – which generate heated air in a single place and then blow it through the ducts to the various rooms in your home. It’s a simple and inexpensive means of keeping your home comfortable in the winter, and like any other appliance, it means having the right team on your side for proper installation, maintenance, and care.

At North Central Florida Air Conditioning, we believe in improving lives by improving homes, and that extends to your heating system too. Whether it’s a gas furnace or an electric furnace, we can provide quality installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services throughout the Gainesville, FL area. Call on us today to schedule furnace services in Gainesville and the surrounding area!

Furnace Installation in Gainesville, FL

If you’re interested in installing a new furnace in your Gainesville–area home, make sure to work with the professionals at North Central Florida Air Conditioning. We will help you understand your options, and choose the furnace that works most effectively and efficiently for your home.

Gas Furnaces Tend to Be the Most Common

Gas furnaces are usually more prevalent than electric furnaces in the Gainesville, FL area because gas is less expensive than electricity, and commonly available in most civic areas. A series of gas–fed burners warms a heat exchanger – basically a piece of shaped metal which transfers the heat more effectively – which warms the air in the furnace. A fan then blows it through the ducts into your home.

Gas furnaces require formal training and licensing to install and repair, since natural gas and other components can be dangerous without the right skills. The good news is that our team is ready to go regardless of whether you need a new system put in or an old one repaired. We’re standing by to help so give us a call today!

Electric Furnaces Solve Certain Problems

Electric furnaces cost less to install than gas furnaces, since they don’t need gas lines. They generate their heat directly with electricity, usually with coils that warm up when you turn the system on. They can cost more to run than gas furnaces in most cases, since electricity is more expansive than gas.

However, since they don’t require gas lines, they can be much easier to set up, and for rural homes without access to civic gas lines, they can provide comprehensive heating much more easily than other kinds of systems (since they don’t require anything but your home’s electrical grid to operate). Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you.

We Cover Furnace Repair and Maintenance As Well

Furnace problems come in all shapes and sizes, and regardless of whether you have a gas version or an electric model, you need to get them resolved quickly and efficiently. That can involve anything from a routine maintenance session before the start of winter to a replacement of an old furnace that just can’t do the job anymore.

But whether the job is large or small – whether it’s a simple repair or a full–bore installation – you need our team on–hand to help you. We do the job right the first time and our expertise in all manner of furnace services ensures that your system will be ready to go regardless of the circumstances. Contact us today and let us know what the trouble is!

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