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spencer goehrig's Profile Image
spencer goehrig, This year

Jeremy from north central air is a great guy who is super knowledgeable and always on time and responsive. Can't recommend him or his team enough.

James Young's Profile Image
James Young, This year

We noticed that the house was getting warmer yesterday afternoon so we called North Central Florida Air Conditioning as they had installed the new system about a year ago. As usual Morgan and everybody else in the office were super nice and professional.
Jeremy Shulrr from North Central Florida Air Conditioning responded within several hours of our call. He came in and quickly diagnosed the problem and ordered a complete new blower motor and fan assembly. It came in this afternoon Jeremy quickly swapped out the assemblies. Now after only one day with having to order a new assembly, as i write this i'm chilled in my still damp clothes. The house cooled down that quickly.
Jeremy even took the time to tell me how to reduce the odds of this happening again. (As i know from my experience in my own business as a sound system technician lightning is very unpredictable. Even a strike on a power line some distance away can cause a surge that can skip multiple electronic devices and hit just one.)
I appreciate his sound advice. No pun intended.

N.Maria Batalha's Profile Image
N.Maria Batalha, This year

Jeremy was FANTASTIC! I woke up this morning, in the heat of the summer, with my AC unit broken. Not fun. I called North Central Florida Air Conditioning and they were immediately responsive! They sent Jeremy out and within a few hours, he replaced the broken part and we had our AC unit working again!! I am a single older lady and don't really understand much about ACs. But Jeremy was so patient with explaining things to me and was kind enough that after he got the AC running again, he connected my smartphone to the AC unit and now I feel high tech!! Haha I highly recommend them for anyone looking for help with their AC!

Logan Lee's Profile Image
Logan Lee, Last year

Great service call, friendly and knowledgeable.

Lacy Basford's Profile Image
Lacy Basford, Last year

Love these guys! Great work after an incorrect install by another company. Highly recommend

Claudia's Profile Image
Claudia, Last year

Very honest and professional. Jeremy is great!

Eric Curtis's Profile Image
Eric Curtis, Last year
Trish Gleason's Profile Image
Trish Gleason, Last year
Nicholas Thomas's Profile Image
Nicholas Thomas, Last year

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to Jessica and Ray whom work for north central florida ac and all the rest of staff that helps me out daily. Awesome staff, friendly, and great quality of work performed every time. Highly recommend them for any ac repairs and services!

Maria S's Profile Image
Maria S, Last year

Great service with wonderful attention to detail. Excellent explanation of AC system and appropriate maintenance. Very glad to have the representative, Jeremy S***** do the annual AC tune-up. I highly recommend him.

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