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3 Things You Should Never Do to Your AC

Air conditioners, while being durable and able to last far into their second decade of life, are delicate on the inside. It’s always a bad idea as a homeowner to open up your air conditioner and take a look inside. This can void your system’s warranty and also make things worse since only a trained and certified HVAC technician has the tools and experience to make sure nothing is broken or scratched when taking a look inside.

While we’re shining a light on some of the thingsĀ not to do as a homeowner, we’ve decided to talk about the three most common things we see homeowners do that they shouldn’t. It’s always better to call a professional for AC repair in Gainesville, FL when you start to detect that something is wrong. Do yourself a favor and avoid further damage to your system by reading our list and avoiding these three things.

What Not to Do

Before you pick up that wrench and start unscrewing your air conditioner because you’ve got a problem, take note. Your system, just like your car or your refrigerator, isn’t meant to be operated on by just anyone. You risk doing serious damage when you open the system up, change the filter incorrectly, or do any number of things you’re not supposed to do. If you’re finding yourself doing one of the things on this list, we heavily advise against it.

Replace the Filter Incorrectly

Air filters are supposed to be changed by homeowners, but that doesn’t mean they should be replaced incorrectly. Make sure you look at the size of your air filter, the type, and put it back in the right way in order for your air conditioner to work as intended. Certain air filters need to be replaced and are disposable, while others can be washed and reused over and over again. If you mix these two up by accident, you could end up spending more money on filters or AC repairs than you’d like. Call us if you have any questions!

Open the System Up

Do you hear a noise coming from the inside of your system? While it’s entirely possible that you’ve got a problem with your air conditioner that needs to be fixed, you probably shouldn’t be the one to fix it. Sometimes these problems are complicated, and finding the root of the problem is more of a science than a technique. All of our professionals are skilled, well-equipped, and well-trained to find the root of your problem and address it accordingly. Plus, opening up your system could void your warranty!

Anything with Refrigerant

Let’s say you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak. Why not just go patch the leak yourself?

This is a bad idea. Refrigerant is a harmful substance that you should keep away from unless you know what you’re doing. Refrigerant leaks are often caused by other issues in your air conditioner, like incorrect sizing or an issue with too much pressure. These problems ultimately need to be addressed before your leak is patched up.

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