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AC Technology: Then and Now

Back in the day, all you needed was a window unit air conditioner and a family friend to help you install it. While we might remember those days with fond nostalgia, the way we dealt with heat was pretty pathetic. When the worst heatwaves hit us, we’d just have to deal with it or suffer the exorbitant energy bills to come while our window units barely cooled our homes down. Luckily, we don’t live in this world anymore.

AC technology has come a long way since then. Air conditioning in Gainesville, FL especially has become more environmentally friendly, efficient, and effective at cooling our entire homes. This is important because it means you can no longer just hire a family friend to take a look at any problems in your system. You’ll need the help of a trained professional!

So, what big leaps have air conditioners taken in the past two decades? Let’s investigate.

The History of the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning as we know it was developed in 1906. Once the process for refrigerating air was developed and commercialized in refrigerators, it was only a matter of time before we started researching ways to cool down the whole house! By 1960, residential homes were being built with central air conditioners, so things really changed in only a few decades!

As of 2015, almost 100 million homes in the United States utilize some form of air conditioning. THat’s almost 87% of the entire population of the country! With this staggering statistic, it’s no wonder manufacturers and contractors had to find ways to make this process more efficient and less energy-intensive. So, what’s the difference between AC then as opposed to now?

Increased Efficiency

Air conditioners are simply more efficient than they used to be. You can tell by the SEER rating, they consume less energy to provide more cooling. This is a great thing for homeowners and manufacturers because it means there’s a new standard for cooling power. If your system cools your home but it causes your wallet to bleed out profusely, then something is clearly wrong.

Heating and Cooling

Technology has advanced to the point where we use the air conditioning process for cooling and heating. Seriously, give us a call and ask us about our heat pump installation. This is essentially a system that removes heat from your home in the summer and moves heat into your home during the winter—reversing the process. Who knows where this technology will take us in the next few years!

Customized Cooling

Home automation systems and smart thermostats allow us to control our air conditioners more thoroughly. Gone are the days where you got home from work or a vacation and you had to sit in the heat waiting while the system started up. Now, we can control our air conditioners through the technology in our smartphones! Smart thermostats can be voice-activated and they can compile data to show us our cooling preferences so we get a more customized approach to comfort.

Join us in the 21st century by investing in state of the art technology today!

The team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning can help you get there. Give us a call. Improving lives by improving homes!

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