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Invest in AC Maintenance Today

It’s not hard to talk about why maintenance is such an important aspect of any mechanical system. Getting your car inspected and tuned-up is so important that it’s practically a legal requirement in every state. While you’re never in danger of running your air conditioning incorrectly, you could find yourself sweating profusely and uncomfortable on the hottest day of the year because of a missed maintenance and inspection appointment.

AC maintenance in Gainesville, FL is exactly what it sounds like. A technician comes to your home and inspects your air conditioner while cleaning it and even repairing a few minor components. The service is designed to do things like extend the lifespan of your system, reduce repair needs in the future, and even keep the efficiency levels high. AC maintenance is a valuable service that we think is worth the money.

Want to know how maintenance improves all of these aspects of your AC? Then keep reading!

The Efficiency of Your AC Matters

Efficiency is a vital metric of your air conditioning system. The higher efficiency your AC operates with, the less you’re going to pay on your utility bill every month. Not to mention the fact that your system is also going to be more environmentally friendly as time goes on since it’s not consuming so much electricity. This measurement matters so much, that it’s one of the most important reasons to invest in maintenance.

An air conditioner can lose, on average, about 5% of its efficiency every year of operation. This degradation is cumulative. Maintenance is the only proven service that can stop this degradation from happening. Therefore, investing in yearly maintenance can pay for itself after just 5 years, since your system will be operating 25% more efficiently than it would be otherwise!

Maintenance Improves Home Comfort

Your air conditioner is designed with one function in mind–to cool the air in your home. The more problems it runs into and the less maintained it is, the harder this job is going to be. At a certain point, your air conditioner might start failing or breaking down because the struggle of cooling your home is just too much.

When your air conditioner is properly maintained, a professional can make sure that the process of cooling your home isn’t causing your system to stress out and break down. There’s a measurable difference that can be made in the temperature in your home, and maintenance is the best yearly service to achieve that.

Save Big on Repair Needs in the Future

One of the most valuable reasons to invest in maintenance is to prevent issues in the future. Repair needs are an inevitability when you’ve got an air conditioning system, but maintenance helps head off these issues before they become serious. We can replace small components that look like they’re worn down, and we can even lubricate certain parts so they don’t suffer from extensive use over the next year. These are all things that can extend the lifespan of your system and give you a reprieve from constant repairs.

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