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How a UV Air Purifier Works

You’ve probably heard about the fact that hospitals have state-of-the-art air purifiers and filters that stop contaminants from cycling through the HVAC system. In a place like a hospital or a restaurant, this can be important to stop the spread of germs and keep things in isolation. However, not many homeowners actually know how these systems work! Well, today we’d like to end that trend by giving our readers a chance to see the inner workings of a UV air purifier and understand how this system can improve your home.

You might not want to have your home as sterile as a hospital, but you can take steps today to improve the air quality with an air purifier in Alachua, FL. Our air purification technology is proven to eliminate germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Keep reading to learn how!

UV Light Irradiates Single-Celled Organisms

When UV light comes into contact with single-celled organisms it can penetrate the membrane and wreak havoc on the nucleus of the cell. When we say single-celled organisms, we’re talking about things like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other contaminants that would otherwise infect you from inhalation, consumption, or just touching them.

Once the UV radiation reaches the nucleus, it can react with the DNA of the cell, causing it to be unable to reproduce in most cases. If a virus can’t reproduce, it’s essentially lifeless and won’t be able to carry out one of the major functions that cause it to infect people.

And voila! Just like that your home is protected.

It’s Harmless to Multicellular Organisms

When you go to the beach, you probably see a fair amount of life trotting, crawling, and slithering around in broad daylight. So, you might be wondering why these critters can all exist outside in the sunlight, but a single-celled organism can’t? Well, UV light can be extremely harmful for those single-celled organisms, but it is practically harmless to us and our other multi-cellular friends.

Many creatures have scales, fur, feathers, hair, and we have skin that helps protect our sensitive inner organs from the ultraviolet radiation. This is why sitting out in the sun on a beautiful day can feel good, rather than bad.

Single-celled organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores don’t have that kind of protection. UV radiation can infiltrate the cell easily and cause a disruption in the DNA of the organism, exterminating it for good.

Tucked Far Away in Your Air Ducts

Have a problem with the aesthetics of a UV light in your home? Don’t worry, so do we. That’s why we mount the UV air purifier deep in your air ducts so it can’t even be seen by anyone in your home. It’ll still purify all of the air of your home that gets filtered through the HVAC system, but it does this out of sight and out of mind! So, think about this next time you think that your home is too aesthetically pleasing for an air purifier.

Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning to purchase a UV air purifier installation. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!

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