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Is Your AC Leaking Refrigerant?

It’s definitely possible! Air conditioners rely on refrigerant in order to cool down the air in a home. The refrigerant cycles through evaporation and condensation, both of which transfer heat from one place to another. However, if there’s a leak in your refrigerant line, your air conditioner might start exhibiting problems in a variety of different ways. No two air conditioners are exactly the same, so depending on your unique situation, you might have different symptoms of a refrigerant leak than your neighbor or family friend.

So, what are some of the signs of a refrigerant leak? And what might a refrigerant leak mean for your comfort and your home efficiency? We’re glad you asked! We’re going to answer these questions today and talk about why calling our team for air conditioning in Newberry, FL is always the right choice in this kind of moment.

Is Leaking Refrigerant Dangerous?

This is sometimes the first question that comes to mind when homeowners find out that their air conditioner is leaking. Well, we’ll be the first ones to answer this.

No, leaking refrigerant isn’t dangerous like carbon monoxide or other toxic chemicals. However, it can negatively impact your home or health in serious ways if left unattended. You’ll notice if there’s gaseous refrigerant in your house by detecting a sweet, chloroform-like scent wafting through the air. This is usually what refrigerant smells like, but it’s not toxic. Though, refrigerant is denser than the air in your home, which means that it can forcibly push the oxygen out of your living space and take up resident there.

So, one of the big dangers that can come from leaking refrigerant is the fact that you might lose out on healthy, breathable air by having denser refrigerant take its place. This can be a serious health concern, so make sure you get your leaking AC fixed ASAP.

What Can Go Wrong With a Leaking AC?

A leaking AC isn’t just going to be an annoyance to your home and comfort, it can also be bad for other reasons. Leaking refrigerant means that your air conditioner won’t run as efficiently or effectively as it’s supposed to. You’ll likely start paying more in your monthly utility bills and your air conditioner is going to work harder, leading to excess wear and tear on the system. You can see an AC lose years of its lifespan if it runs with low amounts of refrigerant, since it will have to compensate.

Signs to Tell That Your AC Is Leaking

Here are just a few ways to tell your AC is leaking refrigerant.

  • Hissing or bubbling sound. This is a noise that can easily give you a clue that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant.
  • High energy bills. As we mentioned earlier, an air conditioner that’s leaking refrigerant is going to have to work harder and consume more electricity to do its job.
  • Lukewarm air coming from the vents. The system is still going to blow air through the vents, but without the proper amount of refrigerant, that air might not be cooled enough to be comfortable. Lukewarm air is a common sign of a refrigerant leak.

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