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Your AC Requires This DIY Fix

Yes, this is going to be one of the few times that we’re going to talk about something we encourage homeowners to do on their own! Normally, when it comes to AC repair in Gainesville, FL, we’d recommend calling a professional to have your system fixed or maintained. They’re just too complex and there’s too much at stake for you to have to encounter a problem from DIY repairs. Our team is always available to help in those situations.

However, now that many of us have been living with our systems on full blast for a few months, we need to talk about a very important part of being an AC owner–the air filter. Every single air conditioning unit that’s installed has an air filter, and that filter is supposed to be changed every 1-3 months. For customers out there who forgot about them, or who might need some pointers on how to do this, keep reading to learn more!

How the Air Filter Works

The air filter in your air conditioner is a major component that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit. There’s always going to be a natural amount of dust and contaminants in the air, and they’re going to be detrimental to the functionality of your air conditioner. Without an air filter, you’d be lucky if your AC unit lasted a few years, never really making it close to the expected lifespan of 10-15 years.

The air filter is designed to trap those contaminants before they can get to the sensitive components of an air conditioner, like the coils. When they get trapped, they become easy to get rid of. This is where you come in!

An air filter is supposed to be changed every 1-3 months depending on your AC usage. So, if it’s been a hot end of the summer, you might want to do it today!

A Guide to Changing the Air Filter

Never changed your air filter before? Or perhaps you forgot? Don’t worry, we’ll help! Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner and locate the return air duct. This is the duct that feeds into the AC system, and you’ll likely notice the spot where the air filter fits.
  2. Remove the air filter and inspect it. If it’s a disposable air filter, then you can just throw it out and replace it with a new one. If it’s a reusable one, then be sure to use a damp paper towel to remove the contaminants so you can replace it where it was.
  3. Make sure the air filter is facing the right direction when you put it back. Once it’s in there, turn on your air conditioner and feel the difference!

When to Call for Help

If you have questions about your air filter, or the process by which you’re supposed to replace it, then you can always call us. We’re experts on AC technology and the filter that protects it.

Also, a clogged air filter can lead to some problems with the system, so we can provide you with repairs if that’s what’s needed as well!

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