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Quick Fixes: Changing Your AC’s Air Filter

Air conditioners have air filters that are meant to keep dust and debris out. This isn’t just for our own personal health, although it doesn’t hurt, it’s supposed to keep the coils of your AC clean from contaminants. Contaminants can cause the coil to become damaged which would ruin the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling. So, long story short—replace your air filter today!

The next question you’re probably asking is—how do I replace the air filter in my AC? That’s a great question and one that we’re more than happy to answer for you!

Changing the air filter in your AC can be a great way of staving off air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL. Follow along as we go through a step by step guide on how to change the air filter. We promise that you’ll be an expert at this by the time you’re done!

It’s Easy!

Relax and take a deep breath. Changing the air filter in your air conditioner isn’t rocket science. It’s actually recommended by manufacturers that homeowners be the ones to replace the air filter in your AC system. It’s designed to be simple to locate and easy to replace, so don’t worry about it. If you’re still nervous before handling your system, make sure you call us. We can help!

Step 1: Turn Off Your AC

Don’t try to make any changes to the interior of your air conditioner while it’s on. That’s just begging for a disaster. Instead, turn the system off so you don’t interfere with the cooling process.

Step 2: Locate the Return Air Duct

Your air filter is located in the return air duct of your air conditioner. There should be directions in your system’s manual if you’re confused or don’t know where that might be. It’s basically where the system takes in the air that it’s going to cool!

Step 3: Remove the Air Filter

Pull out the air filter. It should be easy to remove. Don’t try to force anything that doesn’t want to move. Call a professional to help remove the air filter if it feels stuck or like it’s not going to budge.

Step 4: Replace or Clean Your Air Filter

This step is important. Many air filters are disposable and should be replaced with store-bought filters. Your AC should have it specifically mentioned in the manual whether or not the filter is disposable or if it should just be cleaned and reinserted. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you buy the right kind of replacement filters if you need to.

Step 5: Put It Back

Once you’ve cleaned your air filter or purchased a new one, it’s time to put it in! Make sure it goes in the same direction that it was when you pulled it out. A filter facing the wrong direction won’t be as effective as one that’s correctly placed in.

Step 6: Turn on Your AC

The final step to the process is turning on your air conditioner and feeling the difference! If something still feels wrong or it doesn’t feel like anything has changed, perhaps you should give our team a call to repair it!

The team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning can help. Call us today! Improving lives by improving homes!

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