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Don’t Let Your Furnace Drain Your Funds

Well, we’re in the middle of heating season. That means your furnace is probably going strong in the basement or crawlspace of your home while you live your life. It’s not so bad, things can feel cozy with such a powerful and effective heating system going in the background. The slight whir of the furnace running can lull people into a comfy state, so enjoy it while it lasts!

However, there are probably a lot of readers on this blog that are stressed out about their furnace in Trenton, FL. They just got back their utility bill and it’s a lot higher than they thought it would be. This is not only a scary thing to encounter, but it’s also something that can make you feel like your budget is out of control.

Take a deep breath, and keep reading. We’ll talk about some ways to stop your furnace from getting too expensive to run.

Change Your Air Filter

Hey! We’ve got some good news for you that we’d like to start off with. If you’ve got an inefficient furnace that’s causing your utility bill to steadily rise, then there might be a quick solution that you can take care of right now.

Turn off your system and head on down to where the return air duct is. (If you have trouble locating this, or if you’re confused as to what we’re getting at, you can always contact our team for support) There’s an air filter inside your return air duct that blocks contaminants from getting into your HVAC system. This filter is supposed to be replaced regularly so that your system has clean, fresh air to heat. If it’s neglected, your system could start running at an inefficient level and cause your bills to rise.

This could help give you the efficiency you’ve been looking for! If not, then keep reading.

Get Your Old Furnace Replaced

If your furnace is constantly running up your heating bill, then it could be because it’s just past its life expectancy. Furnaces, especially gas furnaces, aren’t meant to last forever and they can quickly become obsolete when they pass the 10-year mark. One of the ways they express this obsolescence is through being inefficient and driving up your heating bill. Get this checked out by a licensed professional as soon as possible.

Make Sure You’re Running It Properly

Sometimes, inefficiency can come from a heating system that’s stressed out because it’s not being run properly. Here are a few ways to improve your efficiency so your furnace works as it’s supposed to.

  • Correct the thermostat. Don’t run the thermostat temperature too high. This will cause the furnace to stress itself out and wear down faster.
  • Close windows and doors. Keep doors and windows closed so your home is insulated and the heat can remain indoors where you can feel it!
  • Invest in maintenance. Get your furnace maintained every year to ensure maximum efficiency and peak performance.

If you’re still encountering inefficiency and problems with your furnace, then you might do well with our targeted furnace repairs!

Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning for comprehensive furnace care. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!


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