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3 Ways to Save on Heater Repairs

We’re in the middle of winter which means the majority of calls we get as HVAC professionals are about heating repairs. Failing heating systems, heating units that are becoming to expensive, unreliable heating systems, you name it and we probably get calls about it. That’s why we’d like to shift gears this week and talk specifically on ways that homeowners can save on heating repairs in Gainesville, FL.

Firstly, if your heater is in good shape so far, it’s a good idea to take a look back and admire how you got here. Did you invest in maintenance? Have you thoroughly changed the air filter in your system? Do you keep things relatively clean and keep your air vents unblocked? These are signs that you’re doing everything in your power to keep your system in good shape. For new and old heating system owners, we want to talk about more ways you can save on fewer heating repairs in the future.

1. Be Proactive and Vigilant

Vigilance always pays off. In terms of heating repairs, the most expensive repairs we see from homeowners that are disappointed, come from systems that have been ignored by their current or previous owners. Sometimes this can’t really be avoided, especially if you’ve just recently moved into an older home that had a neglected heating system. But we want homeowners to remember that the best way to save costs on repairs is to be proactive and vigilant by calling us whenever they notice something wrong or broken.

Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance is the easiest way to remain proactive when it comes to your heating technology. Usually this service is scheduled in the fall, but it can really occur at any time you have available. With maintenance, we can actually spot most heating repairs ahead of time so they can be fixed on your schedule and at the cheapest cost possible. This is a great way to save money on repairs in the future.

2. Run Your Thermostat Responsibly

Look, we know that on those really cold days, you’d love to have things at 70 and above. But depending on the state of your heating system, your home, and your preferences, this just might not be possible. Running your thermostat higher might not result in better temperatures, it might just end up stressing your system out with no clear comfort difference.

Avoid running your heater into the ground by using your thermostat responsibly. Keep temperatures mild and bundle up or drink some hot beverages to stay cozy.

3. Teach Your Family About Your Heating System

Your family should know some basic information about your heating system so they can avoid neglecting it. For instance, it might be a good idea to teach everyone about the locations of air vents in your home so they aren’t blocked by furniture or toys. Also, teach any adult or teenage family members how to change the air filter in the system, so you can set up a rotating schedule to take good care of your heating system every season!

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