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Aid Your AC with Attic Insulation

Insulation goes overlooked far more often than it should. While insulation on its own can still be a benefit for your HVAC systems in your home, we want to stress the important factor that it can lower your cooling bills and keep your AC system running efficiently for longer. If you were unaware of the fact that attic insulation can help with your cooling costs, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the materials involved in attic insulation, how they can help lower your cooling costs, and why professional attic insulation services can be a vital part of your home performance. If you’re interested in attic insulation by the end of this blog post, make sure you contact our team for quality work that can make a huge difference.

The Rising Cost of Cooling

We don’t just mean that energy costs are rising in this day and age, pushing homes to adopt more energy-efficient cooling methods, but also the fact that heat physically rises in your home. When your air conditioning starts pumping conditioned air into your home, the heat will rise and sometimes get stuck in your attic. Not only that, but the sun’s rays will be beating down on the roof of your home, causing the attic to heat up even more. Attics can be great heat sinks, which would be awesome news if it were cold outside, but we’re talking about air conditioning remember?

Having attic insulation services performed can make it so that your attic can get cooled down and stays cool for longer, making the job easier for your air conditioner. This will ultimately lower your cooling bills.

Material Matters

Just because insulation seems like an easy job, doesn’t mean you should try it yourself. There are complicated parts to sealing a home that you’re going to want to consult a professional for. For example, a certain material’s ability to resist heat transfer is known as the R-value. This means that different materials will provide a set R-value, which should be factored into how much thickness of the material you’re providing.

So, an insulation material with a resistance R-value of R3 that gets doubled in thickness will then have an R-value of R6. This becomes important when determining how much insulation to purchase, how extensively it needs to be installed, and what your air conditioner would require to make a difference. Don’t try doing this math on your own, contact a professional who is trained and well-equipped for this type of calculation.

The Difference

We’re not trying to say that attic insulation is an absolute necessity when it comes to cooling. Some homes are shaped in a way or are located in an area with a lot of shade that might not need much attic insulation. However, we’re going to be honest and tell you that getting professional attic insulation could cut your cooling and heating costs substantially for years to come. Don’t overlook a process that could save you money in the long run!

For quality attic insulation, contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning today. We’re improving lives by improving homes!

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