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Signs Your Furnace Is About to Go

There’s been a bit of warm weather to give us some time outside in the past week, but that’s no excuse to neglect our heaters for the days when temperatures drop below where we’d like them to be. That’s because furnace repair services can happen at any moment, no matter how inconvenient or the temperature outside, causing some homes to be cold on those few days when we’d actually like our heat to be working.

So, today we’re going to focus on some signs that might be clear to you that your furnace isn’t doing so well. Regardless of the culprit is a repair or replacement issue, the fact of the matter is—a professional HVAC technician should give it a serious look before temperatures get any lower than they have been this year.

This warm spell won’t last forever, and you should take advantage of it to inspect your furnace!

Problems Now Are Problems Later

We don’t just ask homeowners to pay close attention to their heaters for no reason, there’s actually a monetary consequence that comes from furnace neglect. We hate to break it to you, but there are no heater problems that just magically disappear after a certain amount of time. It’s always going to take some kind of repair to get your system working at the level it should be. So, if you recognize any of the points below, be sure to call a professional for repair!


An old furnace is going to be more expensive to run than a younger one. Just because we use furnaces less down here than many of our northern neighbors might doesn’t mean we can run 20 or 30-year-old furnaces without any problems. No matter the climate or the severity of the winter, an old furnace will always cause more problems than a newer one.

Rising Bills

Have your heating bills steadily increased in the past few years? Go ahead and compare your heating bill for last month with the heating bill last year from the same month, and continue going through the years. Do you notice a trend? If your heating bills have risen substantially, it’s not just a natural price of fuel (although that might play a small role). As heaters age, they grow more inefficient, causing them to consume more fuel than they should to heat your home. This could be a great reason for heater repair or replacement.

Frequent Repairs

Repairs are a hassle. Sometimes they can cause you discomfort or put your job, your hobbies, or your life on hold because you need to contact a professional technician. Regardless of how inconvenient they are, frequent repairs are also a sign that there’s something wrong with your heater. Ask a technician next time you’re having repairs done about the increasing frequency, and see if a replacement would remedy that problem.

While we could continue for hours about signs that your heater is having problems, we wanted to state the more important factors when deciding to call a professional HVAC technician. Just because we’ve got a bit of warm weather, doesn’t mean we won’t need these systems soon enough!

Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning for all your furnace troubles. We’re improving lives by improving homes!

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