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If You Hear This Noise: Call Us

Noises are everywhere. The hard part is figuring out which noises warrant a call to a professional HVAC provider and which ones don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some sort of blog post that could outline what noises are worth calling for help about, and which ones weren’t? Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re aiming to provide for you today.

Our company doesn’t just provide air conditioning repair in Lake City, FL, we also provide information on this blog for homeowners that need help. When it comes to air conditioners making obnoxious noises and signaling the need for repairs, we’re all over that topic.

So, keep reading as we dive into some of the more insidious noises that an AC system can make. We’ll even go over the ones you don’t need to be concerned about so you can relax about the normal noises.

Annoying Noises

There’s a good chance that any annoying noises are usually a sign that your AC is in disrepair. We’ll go into detail on many bad noises you can keep your ears peeled for.

  • Banging. Banging is a sign that something wrong is occurring within your air conditioner. A banging noise can occur when the fan is out of place or something isn’t aligned properly. When ignored, this can turn into a full system breakdown. Make sure you call a professional to have this repaired.
  • Rattling. Sometimes screws and other tiny components can become loose inside your air conditioner. These parts then jump around your system making a rattling noise, similarly to metal parts being jostled inside a closed box. While they might seem harmless at first, these problems can easily compound into other, more complicated issues down the road.
  • Buzzing. A buzzing noise signifies that you’re dealing with a faulty electrical component of your air conditioner. We don’t expect homeowners to know much about the electrical systems within their AC units, but take our word for it—an electrical problem can be bad. It’s always a good idea to have a professional on the scene to diagnose the specific issue.
  • Hissing or Bubbling. These noises are infamous in the HVAC industry. They signify that there’s a refrigerant leak within the lines of your AC system. These need to be patched and repaired by a licensed technician. Otherwise, you risk ruining the efficiency and efficacy of your air conditioner.

The Good Ones

Don’t worry, there are some noises that you really don’t have to worry about.

  • A click or two. Your air conditioner should make a click when it turns on and off. This is the contactor that tells the system to start up. If you’re hearing multiple clicks per cooling cycle, though, there’s a problem in your system.
  • Wind. How is the cooled air supposed to get to you, if not through your ducts and out of your vents? You should hear the slight sound of a gentle breeze coming from your ductwork or air handler. This is natural and a great sign that your AC is working!

Do you recognize something wrong with your AC? Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning today for AC repair. Improving lives by improving homes!

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