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Investing in a Heat Pump or Central AC?

This is a big question we get often by homeowners in our area. Which system should they invest in, a central air conditioner or a heat pump? Or, a lot of homeowners simply ask, “which system is better?”

This is a trick question. There are no better or worse systems, unless you’re talking about units that are separated by about a decade in age. There are systems that are perfect for some homes, and systems that are better for others. What we’re trying to say is, don’t put these units in a binary of better or worse. It’s time to think about what your home cooling needs are and how our team can help you reach those comfort goals.

Today, we’ll talk about which type of air conditioning installation in Gainesville, FL is better for your home, and how we can start the process as soon as possible.

Why a Central AC?

Central air conditioners are considered the “gold standard” of air conditioning in our country. This isn’t a fluke, they’re very reliable systems and some of the most affordable on the market. Central air conditioners take AC technology from the last 30 years and perfect it into a high-efficiency, effective cooling unit that will keep your home cool for a low price.

If you’re looking for a system that will keep your home comfortable during the summer with the help of your already existing ductwork, then a central air conditioner could be perfect for you. Likewise, if you’ve already got a robust heating system that keeps your home warm during the winter, a central air conditioner serves as a perfect counterpart to this unit so that you’re covered for both chilly winter nights and our scorching summer days.

Is a Heat Pump Better for Your Home?

Some homeowners need something extra. If you’re on the market for a system that will both heat and cool your home throughout the entire year, then a heat pump is going to give you better results. These systems function almost identically to central air conditioners, except they take things one step further. They can run in reverse and provide heat for your home using the same process. In warmer climates like ours, they’re incredibly efficient because our winters are much milder than they are for our northern neighbors. This means your system doesn’t have to use as much electricity and has a much easier time keeping your home warm on the few chilly nights we get each year.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Don’t have air ducts? No problem! Heat pumps come in many forms, and one of them is a ductless mini-split. These units are heat pump systems split into up to four air handlers to be scattered throughout your home. These air handlers will provide the cooling your home needs without any air ducts required!

The Verdict

So, if you’re looking for just a cooling system that can keep your whole home comfortable during the summer, a central air conditioner will likely get the job done easily.

However, if you need a system to heat and cool your home, or you’d like to invest in a less conventional type of system that can run without air ducts, then we highly suggest looking into heat pump technology.

The professionals at North Central Florida Air Conditioning can help you with your AC installation. Call us today! Improving lives by improving homes!

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