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Is Humidity Hurting My AC?

It’s kind of impossible to live in Florida and not be inundated with tons of moisture in the air. When our northern neighbors use the term “muggy,” they’re usually referring to the climate that we experience for most of the year. It’s not crazy to think that humidity can be a real problem in the way of achieving efficiency and comfort.

However, we’re not in the business of stating problems without solutions! If you’re constantly calling us for AC repair in Newberry, FL, it could be from problems that are caused by humidity. After all, humidity can negatively impact your air conditioning to the point where it’s working a lot harder and suffering from wear and tear.

Let’s talk about why excess humidity is bad for your air conditioner, and brainstorm some solutions that can help you out of this predicament!

What’s Wrong With Humidity?

Humidity is a big problem for human beings and for comfort technology. For starters, the more moisture there is in the air, the more likely you are to feel uncomfortable and like it’s a few degrees hotter than it actually is. There’s science behind this!

Water is actually very good at retaining heat, which is why we utilize things like boiler systems to keep homes warm in more northern climates. Since water retains heat, air that’s more humid is always going to feel hotter than the room temperature might be. Humidity needs to be dealt with if your home is going to feel any cooler, whether that’s through a dehumidifier or your air conditioner.

Your AC Is Not a Dehumidifier

While yes, your air conditioner can definitely remove humidity from the air, that’s not the intended purpose of the system. Air conditioners are built to cool temperatures, and the removal of humidity is just a byproduct of this process. When there’s more humidity in the air, on an especially muggy day, it’s actually a lot harder for your air conditioner to properly cool your home and you’ll run into some serious problems with efficiency.

It’s time to stop thinking of your air conditioner as a dehumidifier. While it might be able to dehumidify the air, you’re actually going to run into more frequent repairs and a shortened lifespan the more you depend on it to dehumidify your home. For dehumidification, it’s important to rely on a dehumidifier!

Invest in Proactive Solutions

Imagine how great you’ll feel when a muggy day hits, and you’ve got both a dehumidifier and a well-maintained, repaired air conditioner that are both ready to combat the temperatures and humidity. This is what we would call a proactive solution to your problem. And, since we know that our area of Florida receives a lot of humidity, it’s a great idea to invest in these kinds of systems now rather than later.

Let your air conditioner keep things cool and your dehumidifier keeps things dry. When they work together, you’ll feel the difference and notice a drop in your energy bills as well!

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