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3 Quick Fixes for Any AC

It’s that time of year. Temperatures are slowly rising, and our tolerance for heat and humidity is slowly dwindling as we get used to these new spring temperatures. At first, it’s wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun and notice all of the blooming plants. Then, humidity levels rise and we get downright miserable with our first few heatwaves of the year.

While this might seem fine since you’ve got an air conditioner, what if your air conditioner was really struggling last year? Do you think this year is going to go off without a hitch? If you need AC repair in Gainesville, FL then we urge you to call us for those repairs soon. The sooner the better.

However, if you’re still looking for minor ways to fix or improve your AC aside from professional repairs, then keep reading! We’ll give you a few pointers.

1. Clean Around the System

This might not seem like a fix right out the gate, but bear with us. Your air conditioner relies on airflow inside and outside of the system. Without this, it’ll be stifled, trying desperately to cool your air without any air of its own. Think about the deep breath you need to take before you blow out a candle. Without that proper breath, there’s no air to blow!

Take a look at the outdoor component of your air conditioner—you know, the big hunk of metal that sits right outside your home. Are the vents clear of any dirt, debris, pebbles, sticks, or critters? If not, then your system is likely compensating for the air that’s not getting into it by consuming more energy or running longer into the day. Clear off the debris and keep your system clean for maximum efficiency.

2. Change the Air Filter

In the return air ducts of your system lies an air filter that is meant to siphon out contaminants. No, this isn’t something that’s so deep within your air conditioner that it requires professional attention. You’re actually supposed to change the air filter by yourself. Cool, right?

Head on over to the return air ducts after you’ve turned your air conditioner off. Take out the air filter and either clean it if it’s reusable, or replace it with a new disposable one if it isn’t. By doing this, you’ll be improving the efficiency of your system, mitigating any budding repair needs, and also helping to clear out your indoor air quality. That’s several birds with one stone!

3. Check Your Vents

Your air vents need to be visible and given space so they can easily propel cooled air into your home. If you put that new couch over an air vent, or you’re keeping some boxes in your spare bedroom near where the air vents are, then you could be actively harming your AC system.

Take a pass through your home and make sure all of the vents are clear. If they are, your air conditioner will have an easier time reaching the desired temperature on the thermostat, which will allow it to cool your home more efficiently.

Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning for help with your system today. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!

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