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Is It Time for a Heat Pump?

For some of our homeowners, heat pumps just wouldn’t be worth the money. Every home is different, and we’re never going to lie to our customers and tell them that they should all switch to a heat pump. However, for many of our customers and community members, a heat pump¬†would be a huge upgrade and are absolutely worth the cost of installation.

Heat pumps represent a different way of heating a home. They run with electricity and refrigerant, using pressure, condensation, and evaporation to move heat inside from the colder outdoors. They can work as both heating systems and air conditioning systems, providing complete support throughout the entire year. Basically, this blog post is designed to get those homeowners who could use a heat pump to start thinking of a new heater installation in Gainesville, FL.

Is a heat pump perfect for your specific home? Keep reading to find out!

How Heat Pumps Work

Let’s first start off with a quick science lesson. We mentioned earlier that heat pumps can effectively both heat and cool the air in your home, and that’s absolutely true. They function almost identically to central air conditioners, moving refrigerant from an outside component to an indoor one, cycling through evaporation and condensation to move heat. The one exception to this similarity is the fact that it can run in reverse, moving heat from the outside and dumping it into your home.

This makes heat pumps an incredibly stable form of heating and cooling. For areas of our country with mild winters (like our neck of the woods), heat pumps provide amazing heat and air conditioning for a low price due to their efficiency.

“Should I Swap My Furnace for a Heat Pump?”

So now we get to the big question. Should you upgrade your home to include a heat pump? You might be expecting us to just say “yes” but it’s just not that simple.

If your furnace is relatively new, then chances are you’ve got plenty of years left using it before it becomes inefficient or needs to be replaced. This means you’re better off keeping it.

Likewise, if you’ve got an air conditioner that’s relatively new, then purchasing a heat pump might not be a good idea. You’ve already got efficient air conditioning so you’d only be using your heat pump half the time.

If you’re looking for a new heating and cooling system, or you’re lacking one of those, then a heat pump is perfect. It does the job of both, so you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth when you decide to invest in such a system.

Contact Our Team to Learn More

If you’ve got a unique situation or a home that might be perfect for a heat pump aside from one or two factors, we can help. Our team is used to working with homeowners in unique positions, so we can provide you with expert advice or even savings on a deal that might work in your favor.

Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning today to learn more. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!

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