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The Science Behind Insulation

Have you ever wondered about what keeps heat inside your home in the winter, and outside in the summer? Aside from the air that’s blown in through your HVAC system, and the walls of your home, there has to be something else that helps, right? Something sits in your attic between you and the cold (or heat) of the outdoor air and keeps you safe, healthy, and comfortable. This is called attic insulation, and it’s what we’re here to talk about.

Attic insulation is absolutely vital for your home’s efficiency. We consider it a problem if homeowners don’t know how insulation works, because that can be an easy way to underestimate how valuable it is. Attic insulation in Gainesville, FL can be a great way to invest in the efficiency of your home. We’ll use some science to show you why!

How Does Attic Insulation Help?

Attic insulation isn’t like normal insulation. Normal insulation is just necessary for keeping your home relatively comfortable based on the volume of air in your home. However, even with regular insulation, your attic is a huge heat sink in the summer, and a cold spot in the winter, that is going to plague the efficiency of your HVAC system. Without attic insulation, you’re running everything at a disadvantage.

In the summertime, your attic can soak up a ton of the radiating heat from your home, since heat always travels upwards and gets trapped. Also, the sun’s rays hit your attic more than the rest of your house, which basically equivocates to your attic being stuck in an oven. This can be hard for your air conditioner, since it’s harder to cool your home down when so much heat keeps getting trapped in your attic.

In the winter, the same thing can happen with your attic, just in reverse. Cold air can leak in, especially with how much surface area is taken up by your roof. Without insulation, your heater will work hard trying to compensate for the leaking air.

It’s Basic Science

There’s no need to give up. Just because an attic is a prime location for cold air to leak into your home this winter, doesn’t mean that has to be a reality. Attic insulation services are performed for homes to keep thing efficient and allow maximum comfort levels. Insulation is a proven technique that keeps costs low and allows your home to remain at a comfortable temperature.

Cellulose is one of the materials that we use to seal up attics. It’s microscopic in size but can be blown into tine cracks to take up space. It’s dry, so it won’t grow mold or start falling apart as long as it’s kept in good condition, and it’s incredibly effective at creating a barrier between your home’s air and the outdoor air.

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