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Why an Energy Recovery Ventilator Will Save You Money

If you’re like most homeowners, you might not have heard of an energy recovery ventilator before. These systems sound like alien technology to a lot of people, which is why we tend to call them ERVs for the sake of brevity. It’s easier to talk about ERV systems when it comes to how they can relate to your AC, heating, and indoor air quality.

These are devices that are meant to save you money on cooling and heating costs while also allowing you to breathe fresh air in your home. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that this is impossible since a major part of air conditioning or heating is having a tightly sealed house. Though, as we’ll be discussing below, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds! ERVs and HRVs are a major part of HVAC services, and luckily for you, they’re something that we specialize in!

What Is an ERV?

Good question! Let’s start with what you have to do when your home doesn’t have an ERV.

If you’ve ever been stuck inside on an extremely hot day with the air conditioning blowing, you might have noticed your air getting extremely stale. Perhaps you’re getting sick from allergies or pet dander, and the allergens and contaminants are just being recycled through the system. You can’t open a window for fresh air since all the cold air inside your home will stream out and your AC will have to work harder to compensate!

Introducing the ERV! If you want the fresh air of the outdoors but you don’t want to waste money on cool air being pumped out of your house, an ERV is a perfect solution. Say hello to fresh air in your air-conditioned home without having to open any windows!

How Does an ERV Work?

These devices use the already cooled indoor air to pre-condition the fresher, outdoor air in a heat exchanger. This process is called counter-flow heat exchange. This process can save a whopping 70-80% of the energy in the existing air while delivering it to the fresh air. That means having instant, fresh, cool air that is not just recycling the same contaminants that are making you sick.

ERVs also transfer moisture, which is a huge concern when humidity is the major reason for discomfort. The dryness of your home’s air can be exchanged with the incoming fresh air, to maximize your comfort levels.

How Does This Save You Money?

Opening a door or window is out of the question when you’ve got the AC or heat running. Though, sometimes it can get incredibly stuffy inside your home and you’ve just got to open a window to disperse contaminants like allergens, smoke, dust, or germs. An ERV promises a continual stream of fresh air without wasting any money on extra cooling or heating costs from an open window. If you’re wondering about whether or not an ERV is right for your home, ask yourself how many illnesses, stuffy noses, sneezes, and bad smells you’re willing to put up with before you feel the need to open the window. If the answer is not that many, then an ERV might benefit you greatly.

Looking to purchase an ERV? Contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning today! Improving lives by improving homes!

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