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The Difference Between a Correct and Incorrect AC Installation

We’re always baffled by homeowners who spend all this money on an expensive new air conditioner, only to throw it away by having it poorly installed by a handyman or family member. Not that we have anything against having your gifted uncle make a few repairs around the house, but your air conditioner should not be one of them. Improper air conditioner installation is an ugly monster that rears its head in our community every once in a while, always bringing bad news and that looming sense of dread when you hear how much money a replacement system will cost.

In order to avoid costly replacements or AC repair in Lake City, FL, you’re going to want to have your system professionally installed. Nope, it doesn’t matter how much money you could save by having your family friend install it for you, one tiny mistake could lead to a nasty expense down the line.

The Problem with Amateur Installation

Let us guess, you’re probably dealing with some airflow problems or an AC system that’s giving poor performance. “But we just got it a few months ago,” you’re probably thinking to yourself, “how could a problem come up this early on?”

We’ve got one answer for you but you’re not going to like it. Faulty installation can result in leaky air ducts, low airflow, poor performance and even AC short cycling. The list goes on and we’d rather cut it short by giving you the lowdown on why you need professional AC installation.

The Benefits of Expertise

Tools and expertise are two of many things that separate our team from an amateur when setting up an air conditioner. If you’re still unconvinced that an air conditioner needs to be set up by a professional HVAC technician, then let us give you a detailed breakdown as to why.

  • AC Sizing. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Air conditioners need to be sized appropriately for your home. Buying the largest AC system and then hooking up your air ducts will lead to some pretty bad problems down the road. Same thing with an air conditioner that’s too small. You’re going to want a professional to appropriately size your home to the right AC unit.
  • Proper Refrigerant Charge. Refrigerant charge must match the manufacturer’s specifications when an air conditioner is being installed. Often times when an amateur installs an air conditioner, the refrigerant charge is performed inadequately. This will heavily impair the performance and efficiency of your AC system.
  • Improper Electrical Set-Up. Failing air conditioners could be the result of an electrical problem, which can be avoided during installation. Professional technicians make sure that your circuits can handle the increase energy load before your air conditioner installation is complete.

Don’t let your AC be installed by someone less qualified than a heating and cooling expert. Choose a team like ours, full of experience and trained in the intricacies of air conditioner installation. Sure, having an amateur set your AC up could save you a few bucks initially, but it will end up costing you more than you’d like to pay in repair and replacement costs.

Contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning today for a proper air conditioning installation. We’re “improving lives by improving homes!”

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