Pro’s of Ductless HVACs

Ductless HVAC’s are revolutionizing the HVAC world for a few reasons. This style of air conditioning unit provides a bunch of potential for residential, commercial and institutional buildings across the country! But what is it that makes them so special? Here are a few of the pro’s to installing a ductless HVAC in your Gainesville home or office space.

Small Size & Flexibility

This is probably the main advantage of the ductless HVACS. Because of their size and flexibility it’s easier to heat and cool individual rooms. This provides for custom comfort throughout your home! Most models can have up to four indoor units to each outdoor unit. You would base the number needed on the amount of space you’re looking to cover. Another benefit is that each zone will have its own thermostat, so the space only needs to be conditioned when occupied which saves both money and energy!


Installation for these types of units is often much easier than installing other types of space conditioning systems. When installed, longer connecting conduits allow for the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor to be less of a problem, allowing for more variety with installation and placement.


These HVACs are ductless! This means that you can avoid energy losses that are often tied to ductwork. Energy lost from ducts can account for nearly half of the energy used in your HVAC system.

These are just a few of the pro’s of installing a ductless HVAC! Check back for our next blog and learn about some of the con’s to installing a ductless HVAC rather than your standard heating and cooling system.

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