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Repairing or Replacing Your AC This Winter

Ah, it’s the holiday season in Gainesville, FL. While movies and TV shows around this time might be showing glistening snowy landscapes and frigid cold fronts, most of us will be spending time with the family either outdoors in mild weather or inside with air conditioning.

You might finally have some bragging rights when it comes to comparing the weather with your northern relatives or friends! However, those bragging rights quickly slip away when your energy bill arrives and it shows that your AC is not running optimally.

Don’t worry, we’ll address this situation today. Our blog will focus on ways to keep your dutiful air conditioner running this year, with a slight detour in preparing for a new air conditioning installation in Gainesville, FL.

Luckily, for a few interesting reasons we’ll get into, this might be the perfect time of year to purchase an AC system!

5 Tips for AC Repair

Not every air conditioner is about to kick the bucket. In case yours still works well, here are some tips to help it run more efficiently and to save money on repairs.

  • Schedule repairs early. We know this might sound strange, but hear us out. Problems can compound and get worse over time. If you schedule a repair for your air conditioner the moment you detect the issue, you’ll likely save more than if you were to call for repairs three months down the line.
  • Change the air filter. You should change your AC’s air filter every 1–3 months to ensure it works properly.
  • Ensure maximum airflow. Take a walk around your home and examine vents and ductwork. Make sure no air is leaking somewhere you won’t feel it, and allow for all the vents in your rooms to be unblocked.
  • Keep a record of your energy bills. One way to spot an imminent AC repair is through lowering efficiency that’s displayed in energy costs. Keep records so you can explain to an HVAC technician what’s going on when you call them.
  • Invest in maintenance. Maintenance is proven to cut down repairs by a substantial amount, with a low cost of entry. By having more regular appointments and more eyes on the system, you’re less likely to be surprised by a repair.

Investing in a New AC

So, what if these tips we just put out don’t apply to your specific situation? Perhaps you’ve got an old AC that needs to be replaced or you need a brand-new AC for your new home purchase. What then?

Well, here’s the deal. Our team can install a brand-new air conditioner for you (and even replace your old one if that’s what’s needed), and the price might not be as bad as you think. Wintertime is a great time to investigate your AC options due to the fact that fewer people are in need of air conditioning in our area. With a lower demand, you might see some great deals on new AC products.

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