How Frequently Should I Change My Air Filter?

One of the easiest ways to maintain your air conditioning and heating unit is by making sure that the air filter is always in good condition. This simple tip keeps your HVAC unit efficient and effective. Not only is maintaining your air filter important for your unit’s performance, it affects the quality of air in your home. Unfortunately, studies have shown that in-home air pollution is one of the most dangerous environmental health risks that we are faced with, and this is all due to two challenges that homeowners face: not knowing how often to change their air filter, and then forgetting when it is actually time to change it.

Determining when it’s time to change your air filters is simple, simply change them when they’re dirty. You can also take into consideration what type of filter your system requires, the overall quality of air surrounding your home, and the occupants of your home. Having a full house or pets can affect the quality of air in your home too because of the amount of hair they shed, making the vent clog faster.

For homes that get less use, can often handle being changed once or twice a year while homes in suburban areas require the air filters being changed every 3 months. If you add a pet to the mix, bring that down to every two months. If you have a home at full occupancy, or more than one pet, your air filter will require changing at the end of every month.

If the part that you struggle with is remembering to change your filter, you could select a specific day of the month to help start a routine. For instance, if you have pets and need to change your filter once a month, make plans to do it the first or the last day, so that you have a simple date to remember. Changing during particular seasons is another great way. For instance if you have a vacation home, remembering to change it before or after each visit can be an easier way to pick up that routine.

North Central Florida Air Conditioning Inc. wants to keep your HVAC system working throughout the seasons. If you are checking your air filter on a routine base and are still noticing issues, allow for us to visit your home and inspect your unit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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