How Long Will My Commercial Building’s HVAC Unit Last

When you spend the money to invest a quality HVAC unit in your commercial building, you know that you’re making an investment for the happiness of your employees and customers. This type of investment will prove its worth in a short amount of time, keeping your winters warm and your summers cool. Seeing as how these units get much more use than a residential unit, the chances of needing repairs done, or more frequent maintenance is sure to come up. This is also why one of the more frequent questions that our experts receive is how long these types of units will last.

This answer seems like it should be an easy one to answer, but HVAC units aren’t generic, and they don’t come with an expiration date. Some of the factors that we have to take into consideration are the amount of time that your unit. If your unit is constantly heating or cooling your commercial building, it’s doing a lot more work than, say a unit that’s only on a couple of hours a day.  

One of the factors that people think will make a difference is the size of the commercial building, but this won’t actually make a difference in the amount of time that your unit will last. When the experts at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. come to install the unit at your commercial building, they’ll make sure to take into consideration the area that will require heating and cooling so that the unit is the right size to get the job done.

Other factors will include how often you get your unit maintained, and how well it is taken care of. Our team of experts suggest asking what buildings your size usually use in regards to HVAC usage, and trying to stay at that rate. More often than not, we suggest replacing your unit every couple of years, depending on the condition that it’s in. Asking the specialist that goes to visit your commercial building for maintenance is a great reference.

The team of specialists at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. work frequently on air conditioning repair for commercial buildings. Aside from that, we are also experts on heating and cooling maintenance services, as well as installations. Contact our office today and let us provide you with the guidance you’ve been seeking.

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