Methods Of Cooling That Are Really Myths

Electric bills tend to skyrocket during the peak of seasons. Between the lows of winter and the deadly hot highs of summer, our HVAC units get a ton of use and really do some damage to our bills. Because of these tendencies, tons of people throw out methods that have been said to lower your energy bills while still keeping your home cool. Some of these myths, however, are far from true, and the specialists at North Central Florida Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. want to steer you in the right direction.

Larger Units Are Better

This is a myth we’ve clarified many times. The bigger the unit does not mean that it will keep your home any cooler. In fact, a bigger unit will actually cost you more money in the long run, and will need to be repaired on a more frequent basis. The individual installing your unit should be making calculations to determine what the best fit for your home is, feel confident in the sizing of your unit by trusting our specialists to do your installation.

Turn Off Your Thermostat

Too many people think that turning off their thermostat will help reduce their energy consumption. While this method is true for long durations of time, such as weeks of vacation or the like, this isn’t the case for a day to day basis. When you turn your thermostat off, your home isn’t being told to hold a temperature, so energy is lost. Then, when you turn it back on, it has to do much more work to reach that temperature than it would if it had held it.

Leave Your Fan On With The AC Running

So this one actually doesn’t cool your room any more than it already is. The fan will circulate the cooler air, but it doesn’t actually add any cooler air to the room. And in fact, turning on a fan while your unit is running will only add to your electric bill. The only time that you should use a fan while your unit is on, is when there are people occupying a room and a little added circulation would be nice.

Don’t follow these methods, because they’re all myths. The team at North Central Florida Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. know what types of units will work best for your home by taking into account the climate of High Springs, the size of your home, and your budget. Contact our office today and ask us about ways that we can help improve the efficiency of your unit.

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