What Happens To Your HVAC Unit When Your Filter Isn’t Changed

filterIf you’re an avid follower of this blog, then you know that we constantly talk about how important it is that you keep an eye on your filter and whether or not it needs to be changed. While we emphasize the importance of doing this, there are plenty of times where the filter goes forgotten and doesn’t end up getting changed. In the times that the filter does go unchanged, our HVAC units may react more than we imagine. If you’ve let your filter go too long, here are a few of the effects that might take place with your unit.

Weak Airflow

A dirty filter can seriously affect the way that your air conditioning unit works. When the filter is heavy with dust and debris, your unit has to work much harder to push air through to your home. This may not seem like a horrible issue, but when your unit has a difficult time pushing air out, it has to work harder to cool and heat your home. This pushes the unit more than it needs to which could lead to more serious damages.

Poor Air Quality

The filter in your HVAC unit is what controls the air quality in your home. In fact, the entire reason that changing your filter is so important is because of the air that will be pushed through. Living in a place like Florida where allergens are high, the abilities of your filter will be extremely important. If you go for a period of time without changing your filter, you will notice that the air in your home will be more stuffy, allergies will be higher and you will notice that air just doesn’t feel as crisp.

Entire Loss of Function

Filters can cause your HVAC unit to entirely stop working when they haven’t been replaced in time. If you notice that your unit entirely stops working, it could be because your filter hasn’t been changed in so long that air flow just will not push through. The first step to a unit that isn’t working is checking the filter to see if something as simple as the change of a filter can affect the functionality. If this is the case, you should start to see an automatic change with the new filter. If you don’t, the bad filter could have caused more damage than you think and you should call a professional.

Make sure that you get your filter changed on a regular basis, whether by a professional with routine maintenance or on your own. Know that you can always count on the team of professionals here at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc.

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