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AC Noises That Signal the Need for Repair

In some respects, our northern neighbors with heating systems are luckier than us. They get to give their air conditioners a break for a few months while they switch to heating. In our situation, we can sometimes run our AC systems throughout the entire year, which can really cause a tremendous amount of stress on the unit. There’s no escaping this, which is why it’s extra important for homeowners to invest the time and energy in listening for trouble that’s brewing.

AC repair in Newberry, FL can be simple and effective, but it’s up to homeowners to tell when they need it. Our professionals are ready and waiting to help, but we don’t live in your house, so it’s up to you to detect a budding problem and call us for support. Here are just a few noises that might signal the need for AC repair.

Sounds of Trouble

Let’s focus on some noises that come from your AC system, signaling to you that you need repairs. Remember, any noises that might seem uncomfortable or loud are cause for concern. It doesn’t matter if it’s listed in this blog post or not, you’re always better off calling our team to tell us what you think is the matter.


Grinding sounds are never good or normal, unless you’re using a product that’s specifically supposed to grind things up. At no point in the cooling process is grinding supposed to occur, so you can always be sure that grinding noises are a bad thing to hear.

Grinding is usually a noise that comes from a failure of one of the major components, like the compressor. The compressor deals with pressurizing refrigerant, so a grinding noise could mean that it’s starting to buckle under the pressure. Or, it could be your condenser fan running into unlubricated ball bearings or a busted fan blade that’s rubbing against the cabinet of the AC. All of these problems are bad and require professional care.

Hissing or Bubbling

Hissing or bubbling is another bad problem to encounter, but at least its easier to understand from a homeowner’s perspective. This can simply be attributed to a refrigerant leak occurring in your air conditioner. The hissing noise is refrigerant in its gaseous form escaping, while the bubbling is most likely Oxygen bubbles forming in the line of liquid refrigerant.


Your blower motor has a belt that has to run at high speeds in order to cycle air through your home via the blower fan. When the motor’s belt starts to get run down and fray, it will start squealing. This squealing noise is another bad sign that points to imminent repairs.


Rattling is a more complicated problem, but it’s still just as bad as the others up here. Rattling can take place anywhere inside your air conditioner when there’s a component that’s gotten loose or broken. The reason why rattling is so serious and needs to be fixed is because that small broken or loose part can bump into another component and cause more damage. Pretty soon, you could have multiple bad noises coming from your system and an expensive repair bill at the end of all this!

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