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Improve AC Efficiency with These Simple Tips

top view of an outdoor AC unitWhen you live someplace like Florida, it goes without saying that an air conditioner is an absolute must. It’s needed to make homes in our region not only comfortable for the families in them, but bearable. However, if your cooling system doesn’t work the way you expect it to, then it’s time to call for air conditioning repair in Alachua, FL, particularly if you skipped maintenance this past spring (though, it’s never too late to get it on your schedule).

That being said, repair needs are not the only reason that your AC system may not be working as efficiently as it should be able to. The good news is, there is something you can do about! Keep reading for some tips on how to utilize your air conditioner most efficiently, and give our team a call if you suspect any operational problems.

Turn Up the Temp

Alright, we admit it, this probably sounds like counterintuitive advice—bear with us though! We don’t expect you to make your home any hotter than it should be. However, you may be turning your thermostat settings down much lower than you actually need to in order to maintain home comfort.

Some homeowners have their thermostat set as low as 71° when in most cases, people are just fine indoors when it’s about 78°F throughout the day. Additionally, you can save energy and subsequent money by raising the temperature when nobody is home, or why the household is sleeping. Don’t waste unnecessary energy by cooling a home that’s not being used, or by lowering the temperature more than you realistically need to.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t have the ability to keep you cool all on their own. After all, fans don’t lower the temperature of the rooms they’re in. They can, however, make your body feel cooler. This is because ceiling fans help sweat evaporate from your body, which is your natural way to keep cool. On a mild day, a ceiling fan alone might be enough to keep you cool and keep the bills lower (as long as people are in the room where the ceiling fan is in use).

When you’re using your cooling system, ceiling fans help push cool air down and keep warm air rising. Therefore, pairing your ceiling fans with your central AC system enables you to run that air conditioner at a higher temperature, lowering your monthly energy bills as a result.

Regularly Change Your Air Filter

The air filter that comes with your HVAC installation is there for a purpose, but it’s probably not what you think. Many homeowners assume it’s in place to protect their indoor air quality, but this is actually not the case. The air filter is in place to protect your air conditioner from getting too clogged up with dust and debris.

With this buildup, it’s harder for your air conditioner to keep your household cool, and as a result your system may malfunction or freeze up. Be sure to change your air filter each and every month so your system can work as it should.

At North Central Florida Air Conditioning, we are improving lives by improving homes. Contact us today!

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