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The True Value of an AC Warranty

Let’s face it, we put a lot of strain on our air conditioners throughout the year. We marvel at the fact that our northern neighbors have air conditioners that are 20 years old, while ours can barely manage 15 with the sheer amount of cooling they’re tasked with doing. It’s so important that everyone in our area who has the luxury of utilizing an air conditioner’s warranty keep doing so for as long as possible.

Though, did you know that warranties provide a little bit more than just money savings? They can be a great incentive towards keeping your air conditioner in good condition. We’ll talk a bit today about why it’s so vital that you get a warranty on your AC installation in Gainesville, FL. Remember, do everything you can to avoid voiding that warranty, and call us if you need help.

What a Warranty Does

For those who are thinking about investing in a system that doesn’t include a warranty, let us break it down a bit for you. Warranties exist for a specific amount of time where any repairs or work that’s needed is covered under the warranty plan. This is great if you want to be careful going into this kind of purchase, since you’ll know that at least for the given time that the warranty exists, you won’t need to shell out any additional money for unexpected repairs. This is also great if you’re looking to invest in maintenance, because maintenance is usually a necessary component of a warranty plan.

Good Habits

By investing in a warranty, you’re really going to be taking part in some great habits that will help you in the long run. For example, most warranties require maintenance yearly for your system to still be covered by it. This might sound like an additional expense that you don’t want, but it’s actually incredibly important. Maintenance is a necessary service, and it’s going to be responsible for avoiding an average of 80% of repairs that your system could need throughout its lifetime. Warranties will push you to call for repairs and maintenance more often, since you’re not as liable for them as you normally would be, and this is generally very positive.

Longer Lifespan

An air conditioner that’s covered by a warranty is more likely to last well into old age than a system dependant on your finances. Think about it—you’re much more likely to invest in repairs and maintenance services when they’re partially or completely covered by the warranty. This puts less of a strain on your wallet, but also leads you to remain more comfortable for a longer period of time!

Starting Fresh

When you purchase an air conditioner installation, it just feels so much better to be protected by a warranty. Warranties mean that someone is vouching for you, and that either the manufacturer of the product or the company selling the product is so confident in the product’s ability to perform adequately, that they’re willing to bet money on it. That’s good news for homeowners! Did we mention that we’re the only Franklin authorized dealer in the area with a 10-year bumper to bumper warranty? Oh, and we’ve also got a lifetime workmanship guarantee if that weren’t enough.

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