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How to Deal with Humidity

Humidity is a well-known problem here in Florida. That’s where HVAC professionals like us come in, we help homeowners in our area deal with these uncomfortable situations with technology that can handle such a task.

As summer approaches, we’d like to take a look at what exactly humidity does in our area and how we can best prepare for our highest levels of moisture in the air. By signing up for our HVAC services in Lake City, FL, you have a good chance of making your home comfortable and combating the high humidity that could cause distress.

Let’s talk about what a dehumidifier can do and how we can best set you up with a solution to fight the humidity.

How Does Humidity Work?

Humidity isn’t understood fully by everyone, which is why it’s important that we quell some myths and talk about the science behind moisture in the air. Humidity represents the moisture levels in the air, or more specifically, the amount of water vapor that’s in the air.

When temperatures are really hot, our bodies sweat. That sweat comes from our pores and sits on our skin to be evaporated. When moisture evaporates on our skin, it cools us down and causes our internal body temperature to drop. What a nifty solution to such a complicated problem!

However, when humidity is excessively high, the sweat on our skin won’t evaporate as easily. This means your internal body temperature won’t lower and the environment feels hotter than it actually is. Unfortunately, that’s why we see a spike of heatstroke cases when temperatures are both hot and humid—we’re not well-equipped to deal with excess moisture and heat in the air.

What Does a Dehumidifier Do?

A dehumidifier is an exceptionally advanced piece of technology that has become a staple point for homes in our area. By pulling the moisture out of the air, dehumidifiers can effectively decrease the humidity level inside your home and keep it dry. Sure, it might not physically reduce the temperature of the air, that’s for your air conditioner, but it will make you feel much more comfortable and cooled off.

Getting a dehumidifier to work with your air conditioner can be a handy way to deal with our climate. Air conditioners often have trouble, since they naturally dehumidify the air they treat, because they can’t both cool your home and dehumidify it without stressing out. This will use a lot of energy and often lead to the inevitable breakdown of the system.

By having a dehumidifier work on actually dehumidifying your home while your air conditioner cools it, you’re ultimately going to use less energy and your HVAC systems will last a good amount longer. This combination of a dehumidifier and air conditioning support is the perfect way to handle our Floridian temperatures.

Call the team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning if you think you could use a dehumidifier. Improving lives by improving homes!

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