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Protect Your Health with a UV Light Purifier

We understand that keeping you and your family safe during such an uncertain period is at the forefront of priorities right now. We’re your neighborhood HVAC company that’s just trying to help you reach this goal. From our comfort solutions and our affordable indoor air quality systems, we’re still here and trying to help where we can. However, we’d like to talk today specifically about ultraviolet light purifiers, also known as UV light purifiers which can be a handy tool in keeping your home clean.

Having an air purifier in Alachua, FL installed can be a huge step in making your home safe from harmful organisms like bacteria, viruses, and anything that could contribute to illnesses in your home. While it’s not the be-all-end-all solution for health issues, this system in combination with safe sanitation practices can be a great defense against harmful airborne particles.

How Does a UV Light Purifier Work?

A UV light air purifier works just as the name would imply. It utilizes ultraviolet light to irradiate germs and other harmful single-celled organisms in the same way that direct sunlight would. From mold spores to bacteria, and viruses, ultraviolet light penetrates a cell and harms it to the point where it can’t reproduce. Since organisms like bacteria and viruses only become a threat when they reproduce, it nullifies them and renders them harmless, making your air safe to breathe.

You might be asking how this doesn’t hurt you and your family? Well, the ultraviolet light is hooked up in your air ducts, so the incoming air that is blown into your home from your heater, air conditioner, or air filtration unit is treated by the UV air purifier far and away from your body. This means you’ll never have to worry about that ultraviolet light causing problems for you.

Eliminate Odors

Odors can be caused by a variety of things, like mold and mildew, to certain types of bacteria and fungus that linger in your airways. This can be a problem for a family trying to live comfortably, even if these particles aren’t making you sick, they could still be causing you discomfort by spreading foul odors throughout your home. A UV air purifier can neutralize mold and mildew, cutting through foul odors while allowing your indoor air to smell fresh and clean.

Protective Measures

Since UV light air purifiers affect the air in your ducts and HVAC system, investing in a system like this doesn’t mean you won’t still get sick. Safe practices like washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough, and using gloves when touching food at the grocery store, are prime ways that you can work with your UV air purifier to ensure that you stay safe from mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Is My Home Ready?

We recommend homeowners invest in air purifiers if they believe their indoor air is making them sick or inhibiting their comfort. These systems can also work in tandem with an air filtration system that filters out harmful particles like volatile organic compounds. Together with our technology and our experienced team, we can help work out the most effective option for your home’s air quality.

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