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AC Efficiency: A Look at Variable Speed Cooling

air-conditioning-techAir conditioning technology has moved forward in strides in recent years. These advancements are meant to improve efficiency and increase the longevity of your cooling system. One way AC system manufacturers have worked to improve efficiency is by introducing variable speed cooling, which is part of our comprehensive Gainesville, FL air conditioning services.

A Closer Look at Variable Speed Air Conditioning

It goes without saying that when you live in our area, you need a reliable air conditioner. What’s more, given how much you use that air conditioning system, you don’t want to find yourself paying an arm and a leg just to keep cool. Sure, there are ways in which to improve the efficiency of an older air conditioner, such as turning the thermostat up just a couple degrees or by staying on top of changing out the air filter. But the type of air conditioner you choose is important, too, in addition to its efficiency rating.

That’s where the variable speed system comes in. These types of cooling systems have what’s called inverter-driven compressors. Essentially, there’s a drive that adjusts the speed of the compressor motor in order to change with the cooling needs in your living space. A traditional air conditioner has a compressor motor that works only at one speed—with the compressor either on or off.

“What difference does that make?” is a question we get relatively often.

The compressor motor is the component of your AC system that consumes the most electrical energy. When temperatures are a bit milder or when you aren’t home—pretty much when you’re in any situation that you don’t need the compressor to operate at 100%, the variable speed system allows you to cut down drastically on your energy use. Basically, fewer on/off cycles and less power means better, more efficient cooling, and lower energy bills.

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