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How Often Should an AC Have Trouble?

Air conditioners can run into trouble, sometimes once in a while, and sometimes frequently. There’s really no guarantee on how long your system will last before the next issue. If you’ve got a protective warranty, then you likely don’t have to worry about it as long as you’re doing all the required tasks to ensure the warranty stays valid. But for many AC owners, they don’t have a warranty, and they’ll likely need to pay for these repairs on their own.

So, we get to the essential question of this blog post. How often should your air conditioner run into issues? Is it once a year? Once every few years? Multiple times per year? And if your AC is reaching a period where it needs air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL all the time, is it worth investing in a replacement?

The answer is yes, but keep reading to learn why.

Never: An Unrealistic Goal

We understand that many people like to believe that their air conditioner shouldn’t ever run into problems, but this just isn’t realistic. An air conditioner does an incredible amount of work on a daily basis in our area. It’s common for components to get stressed out, worn down, and even broken or loose.

If you’re budgeting like an AC repair is never going to happen, then that’s a bad idea. We’d recommend having some money saved up on the side to be there when an inconvenient issue arises. They usually happen when you least expect them.

Every Few Years

This is more common, and it’s a good sign. It’s usual for an air conditioner to require repairs at some point in its lifespan, and every few years is common and signals that the system is undergoing a normal amount of stress.

This timeframe should give you enough time to save up for repair costs, while also enjoying the benefits of having an air conditioner in good shape. After all, what’s the point of repairing a system if you’re not getting to enjoy it for the most part?


This is where we get into some choppy waters. An AC repair yearly means that something is wrong and the source of the problem might not have been fixed. This can be an undiagnosed refrigerant leak that’s leading to yearly issues, or it could even be due to the age of the system.

An air conditioner that’s 10 years old or older will usually require yearly repairs because many components have reached the end of their lifespans.


We like catching up with our customers on a monthly basis, but if you’re paying for repairs that often, then something is very wrong. Frequent repairs can be a huge drain on your sanity and your budget, and both of those are precious resources. Consider investing in an AC replacement, or at least a serious diagnosis by one of our expert technicians so you can get a long-term, cost-effective solution that keeps things in good shape.

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