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The 3 Major Benefits of AC Maintenance

Getting your air conditioner “maintained” might sound like a kind of luxury service—but it’s not. Many people simply think that having a family friend look at the system, or just doing a quick inspection of the outside cabinet is enough, but these complex systems require more.

Sure, your air conditioner might continue to function well if you skip a year of maintenance, but it will likely get worn down and will have trouble lasting its full lifespan. Then, you’ll be confused when you reach year seven of owning the system and it’s already old, broken, and requiring replacement. That’s never a good feeling.

Air conditioning maintenance in Alachua, FL is designed to keep your system running effectively and efficiently. That 10–15 year lifespan we dream of having from our AC systems is only really achievable with routine maintenance every year.

Stay Comfortable in Our Climate

Our climate requires air conditioning. We’re not the only ones who believe that everyone should have a powerful, long-lasting air conditioning unit in their home. With this, you can tell why AC maintenance is a lot more important for people in our neck of the woods than for someone up north. It’s just relied on more heavily for a longer period of time each year. And that’s not bad!

So, with maintenance, you’ll get more out of your system for less. Let us explain down below.

1. Longer System Lifespan

AC maintenance can help your system last for its full lifespan potential. Usually, air conditioning systems last between 10–15 years in age when they’re properly maintained. This can fluctuate a little bit, but it’s a pretty consistent lifespan.

However, if your AC is never maintained and runs into problems, the sheer amount of expenses required to get it back up and running can be a call for replacement. All of this can happen in year seven or eight, which is never good.

Long story short, AC maintenance will help your system run longer by staving off repairs and problems before they pop up. We’ll be able to give you an update on how your system is doing and whether it’s still good to go for the next season.

2. Better System Performance

A well-maintained air conditioner works a lot better than one that is neglected. It might sound like a preference we’re talking about, but we mean the actual temperature of the air.

During maintenance, we clean the coils and adjust some of the components to work better. This includes lubricating ball bearings, tightening screws, and even replacing wires that look frayed. This means that your system will be more responsive, act quicker, and work harder to achieve the temperature set on your thermostat. Yes, there’s an actual temperature difference.

3. Higher Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is vital because it basically amounts to how much money you pay per month of running your AC. The more you run it, and the less efficient it is, the more money gets taken out of your pocket.

Maintenance might cost money upfront, but it pays down the line as you get better energy efficiency levels from your AC technology, meaning you end up spending less on electricity over the years. Nice, right?

Schedule maintenance today with North Central Florida Air Conditioning. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!

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