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Replacing Your AC’s Air Filter: Our Quick Guide

Air conditioners have air filters designed to ensure that the dust and debris from the outdoor air do not get in and damage the system. The primary reason for these filters is to protect the air conditioner and ensure that it can work optimally.

Over time, your AC’s air filters become clogged and ineffective at keeping the airflow going. You will need to replace your air filter to ensure that your AC keeps working properly for a long time.

Not sure how to replace the air filter in your AC? That’s where we can help.

Learning how to change the air filter in your AC is an excellent way to get the best out of air conditioning in Newberry and avoid the need for expensive repairs. We’ve created this post as a quick guide to help you learn how to replace your air conditioning unit’s air filter and get the best out of your AC for a long time.

1. Turn off your AC

You should never try to replace the air filter while the air conditioner is on. Turn off the system so that you can safely proceed with the air filter replacement.

2. Find the return air duct

The air filter is found in the return air duct in HVAC systems. The return air duct is where the system takes in the air to cool before distributing it throughout your house. You can find it using the manual if you are confused about where it is.

3. Remove the old air filter

Once you find the return air duct, you should remove the air filter. It is designed to be easy to pull out. If the air filter is stuck and does not seem like you can move it easily, do not force it out. Instead, call a professional to come in and take over to avoid causing any damage.

4. Replace or clean the air filter

Most air conditioners come with disposable air filters that you should replace with new air filters available in a store. The manual for your AC should tell you whether it has disposable air filters or if you should clean reinsert the same air filter. Make sure you buy the right replacement air filter if your AC uses disposable filters.

5. Put the air filter in

Once you have bought a new air filter or cleaned the existing air filter, it is time for you to place it back. Putting the air filter back into place should be as simple as pulling it out. Just reinsert it in the same direction when you pulled it out, and you should be good to go.

6. Turn on your AC

The final step of replacing the air filter is to turn on the AC and feel the difference. If you feel like there is something wrong or there is no difference after changing the air filter, you should consider calling us for help.

Our team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning will be glad to help. Just give us a call. Improving Lives by Improving Homes!

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