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What Exactly Is Carbon Monoxide?

When you incinerate a material, something really interesting happens. We all like to believe that burning is something unique when we do it, but it’s actually a type of chemical reaction where heat is what we would call a “catalyst” the heat of the flame is what causes certain materials to turn to ash, smoke, carbon dioxide, or carbon monoxide.

We know you’ve probably heard about our carbon monoxide warnings, but we rarely ever get the chance to explain why carbon monoxide is bad for you. If you’re an owner of a gas furnace in Lake Butler, FL, this is a question you might want to answer!

Don’t worry, all you as a homeowner need to know is that carbon monoxide inhalation is extremely dangerous. But this blog is for those who might be curious as to what’s happening when you inhale CO.

What Is CO?

Carbon monoxide is simply a carbon and oxygen molecule that has failed to completely transform into carbon dioxide after the burning of fuel. Carbon monoxide comes with every fire or burning appliance, just like carbon dioxide, so it’s important to vent it properly, regardless of a system’s safeguards.

Ways to Monitor CO in Your Home

Carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible, and tasteless, so you can’t really know when you’re inhaling it. This is what makes it so dangerous, homeowners can often start suffering from the side-effects of carbon monoxide poisoning before they even know it’s happening.

One great method for alleviating this problem and reducing the worry or stress, is by investing in carbon monoxide detectors. These systems, similarly to smoke detectors, can loudly warn your whole family when there is a concentration of carbon monoxide in your home.

This is one of the best solutions and it’s preventative too! As long as you get your system updated and replace the batteries on a regular basis, it will be nearly impossible for your home to get inundated with carbon monoxide without you knowing.

The Negative Health Effects of CO

Here are just a few of the major health effects that can come from inhaling CO. Print out this checklist or keep it nearby if you want to stay safe and secure in your home.

  • Fatigue. One of the first signs of CO poisoning is the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Impaired vision and dizziness. A moderate amount of carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to blurred vision, dizziness, and a loss of balance.
  • Confusion. Carbon monoxide has been linked with issues in memory and comprehension, so we just use the term “confusion” to signify both.
  • Nausea. CO poisoning can make you feel sick to your stomach.
  • Flu-like Symptoms. At high concentrations, carbon monoxide can give you a whole plethora of nasty health effects that resemble the worst cases of the flu.
  • Fatality. At high enough concentrations, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. According to the CDC, 430 people die every year of CO poisoning, and 50,000 go to the ER after experiencing these symptoms. It’s more common than you think!

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