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3 Heating System Hacks

We know that the term “hack” is used pretty widely in blogs around the web, but we thought it was an appropriate time to use that word today. These three tips are essential if you’re looking to limit your heating bills, repairs, and keep things running smoothly. While you can always call our team for support and any additional questions you might have, this blog post is a great starting point for homeowners that are looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their heating systems a bit more.

So, whether you’ve got a gas furnace or an electric heat pump, these tips are for you! Follow along and make sure you keep this list somewhere so that you can reference it next year as well! And don’t forget to call our team for support if you’re in need of heating repairs in Newberry, FL.

Let’s get started.

Pay Attention to Your Air Filter

The air filter is basically an HVAC hack that not enough homeowners know about. Think of this component like a cheat code, that the more you pay attention to it and interact with it, the better performance and efficiency your heating system will have!

Basically, this component catches all the contaminants that flow through the air before they get to the sensitive parts of your heating system. The catch to this is that your air filter will actually clog up and function less effectively over time. Eventually, the system will be caked in dust and debris to the point where it’s actually hurting your heating system and causing a restriction of airflow.

Change it Regularly

Changing your air filter regularly ensures that you get clean air, maximum airflow, and it keeps your heater’s interior components in good shape. Obviously, changing your air filter every week is way too often, since these components are designed to catch particles over a monthly period. Try changing it every month, or at least every three months to keep things in working order.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance might seem like an extra cost you don’t need to pay, but hear us out. Scheduling routine maintenance every year is a great way to keep your system running efficiently and to extend its lifespan. You know how we mention that a heating system like a furnace should last somewhere between 10-15 years? Well, that’s only with routine, yearly maintenance. An unmaintained furnace would be lucky to reach half that age, and even luckier to go the full lifespan!

Don’t base your comfort on luck, call our team for maintenance.

Use Ceiling Fans, Even in the Colder Months

Ceiling fans are amazing tools to use in conjunction with your HVAC system. They’re great in the summer because they create a circular breeze that helps cool down the temperature a couple of degrees. Then, in the winter when you run them in reverse, they actually create a convection current and keep warm air down beneath the ceiling where you can feel it! Make sure you run your ceiling fan correctly so it can add to the warmth of your home at a fraction of the cost it would take to run your heater at a higher temperature!

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