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What Can a Smart Thermostat Do for Your Home?

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.There is a particular component of HVAC systems that doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention but is extremely important to the functionality of those systems. We’re talking about the thermostat!

The old manual “slider” thermostats are very much out of date, and inaccurate. Even digital thermostats without programming options are becoming obsolete. The option that many homeowners are now turning to is the smart thermostat, or rather the WiFi thermostat. If you’re interested in checking out options for yourself, be sure to give our pros a call. Our technicians are experts in home automation, including the installation of these smart thermostats.

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

The central benefit of a smart or WiFi thermostat is that it’s a computer system, capable of “learning” your heating and cooling patterns. It takes the data collected from a few days of temperature settings, compares it to data from its sensors, and then generates its own program. How does this help?

  • The programs that your thermostat creates are designed to save you money, without sacrificing household comfort. The thermostat has access to large amounts of data that it can use to come up with a series of settings that will reduce your energy use, without lowering your comfort. Smart thermostats are made with energy conservation in mind.
  • It’s very convenient. The smart thermostat does most of the work of creating programs for the daytime and nighttime, and different days of the week (since most people are home during the weekends but not during the day in the week).
  • The WiFi capabilities of these smart thermostat allow you to access your home’s comfort controls remotely. You can find out the conditions in your home from across the town or even across the country, and make any adjustments you see fit.
  • Smart thermostats provide detailed reports on conditions in your home as well as how much you are saving. You’ll always be alerted to how the thermostat is working in your benefit.

Work with a Pro!

We understand that thermostats seem like simple devices without much to think about when it comes to their installation. But one important factor to keep in mind is that upgrading your thermostat yourself could void the warranty on your current HVAC system. If you have an aging system that you were thinking of replacing soon anyway, we’d be happy to get you the best deal possible in HVAC and thermostat combination or talk to you about your options.

It’s never a good idea to just rush out and buy a component for your HVAC system, as this could leave you spending more money instead of less. Let our staff help you from the beginning by discussing your thermostat options with you and checking your HVAC system to see what other services you may benefit from. We’re interested in helping you save energy and live as comfortably as possible while doing so.

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