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Start Fresh in 2021 with Duct Cleaning

The outbreak of a pandemic this year has really pulled things into perspective. With COVID-19, we’re seeing just how easily something like a virus could spread, and it’s becoming more and more apparent how poor our indoor air quality is. It’s not anyone’s fault, least of all you, but something needs to be done about it. While tests and studies are still coming out about this virus in particular, other contaminants can be stopped in their tracks with duct cleaning in Gainesville, FL.

Why not start fresh with duct cleaning in 2021? Especially if you’ve got a new heating system, or you’re on the lookout for ways to improve your indoor air quality, duct cleaning can be an easy way to do these things.

Give our team a call so we can get to work cleaning your ducts, ensuring your home stays clean and your HVAC system runs efficiently.

How It Helps

“So what if my ducts are dirty,” you might be saying, “I’ve got an air filter to keep things clean.” While having an air filter helps with the quality of your indoor air, it’s only going to get gunked up faster if your air ducts are dirty. Dirty ducts will inevitably slow the efficiency of your HVAC system and negatively impact your indoor air, regardless of whether or not you’ve got an air filter working.

Duct cleaning is a long-term solution for homeowners that really care about their indoor air quality. By hiring professionals that can clean your ducts quickly and effectively, you’re removing all of the dust, hair, pet dander, mold spores, and other germs that have set up shop in the ductwork of your home.

Use It With Something Else

Unfortunately, no indoor air quality solution is a “one-size-fits-all” answer. Different types of issues call for different solutions, and duct cleaning is just one of them. Why not utilize both our duct cleaning services, and the inclusion of an air purifier? Both of these systems can work together to ensure that you get off on the right foot in 2021. The air purifier will eliminate any germs that get cycled through your HVAC system, while we clean out the rest of the contaminants in your ductwork. Together, there won’t be anything left to make you uncomfortable and sick going forward!

Don’t Do This Yourself

Hold your horses! If you think you can turn off your computer now and go work on duct cleaning yourself, then you’re very mistaken. Ducts exist in tight spaces within our homes that are hard to get to. Unless you’ve got specialized equipment, you’re never going to get your ducts cleaned properly. In fact, you could end up damaging them and making it harder for yourself, while making things expensive when we need to repair them.

Our team specializes in duct cleaning services. We also specialize in the installation and maintenance of all other indoor air quality devices, so we’re 100% positive we can help you where you need it. Oh, and did we mention that we’ve got a lifetime workmanship guarantee? If we install an air purifier and it works poorly or doesn’t seem right, we fix it, no matter how long it’s been since it was installed!

Do yourself a favor and call North Central Florida Air Conditioning today to invest in your home’s air quality. Improving lives by improving homes!

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